Residential service is available in limited areas in Orange County.

Five Star services all of Orange County and areas of Riverside County as well.

Service is available from 1-7 days a week if needed to be compliant with Title 22.

Our Services include

• Monitor water chemistry and maintain proper levels.
• Monitor and maintain filters in proper working condition and backwash as needed.
• Provide up to date record log of services performed weekly as specified by the Health Department.
•Installation and repair of filters, pumps,
• Motor replacement
• Pump seal replacement
• Led light bulb fixture/installation
• Maintain all gauges and flow meters in proper working condition and notify when replacement is needed.
• Weekly inspections of pool and spa pumps to ensure no seal leaks and proper flow.
• Check for plumbing leaks and report immediately.
• Empty skimmer baskets, pump baskets, as well as debris in drains.
• Clean pool and spa tile weekly.
• Net surface, brush walls and steps, vacuum pool and spa each visit.
• Provide a clean and accessible equipment room.
• Report any vandalism immediately.

Annual Maintenance

• All filters will be completely disassembled and cleaned 3-4 times per year.  A filter tank o-ring and Aquaperl Perlite are included with the cost of cleaning. Damaged parts will be replaced at an additional cost. Parts will not be replaced unless approved by management. All damaged parts will be left by request in equipment area for management/board to inspect if needed. (This pertains to DE filters)
• Auto chlorinators will be inspected and management will be notified if parts or hoses need to be replaced.
• All trouble shooting is covered under the monthly service rate.
• Annual heater inspections will be performed at no additional charge.

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